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Bele Bloom Gift Set (Designer inspired by Gucci)

Bele Bloom Gift Set (Designer inspired by Gucci)

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Gift Set Includes.........

Cleansers: Yoni Wash (16 oz), Body Wash (12 oz)

Moisturizers: Hand&Body Lotion (8 oz), Whipped Body Butter (8 oz)

Fragrance: Rollerball (10 mL), Body Spray (8 oz), Mini Body Spray (2oz)

Detox: Bath Salts (16 oz)

Welcome to a world of opulence with our Luxurious Gift Set for the body, a curated collection of handcrafted essentials designed to envelop you in the prestige of skincare. Immerse yourself in the artistry of self-care with a suite of indulgent products, each meticulously crafted to provide a spa-like experience. At the heart of this collection is our exclusive Bele Bloom, a high-quality replica of the renowned designer scent Bloom by Gucci.

Indulge in the captivating fragrance that mirrors the original, creating an aura of sophistication and allure. The notes of Bloom by Gucci unfold gracefully, capturing the essence of a blossoming garden. This signature scent is carefully infused into each product, ensuring a harmonious layering that lingers on your skin, providing a sensory experience that is both captivating and enduring.

The journey begins with our handmade body butter, a velvety blend of nourishing ingredients that lavishes your skin with deep hydration, leaving it irresistibly smooth and supple. Our yoni wash, designed with care, promotes intimate balance, offering a feeling of freshness and confidence.

The sugar scrub, a decadent exfoliating delight, unveils a radiant complexion by gently buffing away impurities. Seal in that newfound glow with our body lotion, enriched with hydrating elements that keep your skin luxuriously soft throughout the day.

Elevate your bathing ritual with our indulgent body wash, cleansing and pampering your skin. For a touch of fragrance at any time, our body spray and perfumed rollerball offer a convenient burst of the captivating Bloom by Gucci scent.

Transform your bath into a sanctuary of relaxation with our aromatic bath salts, soothing both body and mind. Complete your experience with our artisanal soap bar, cleansing your skin and leaving it delicately scented.

The magic of this gift set lies in the art of layering. Using multiple products together creates a personalized, longer-lasting scent that becomes uniquely yours. This thoughtful curation of products provides a comprehensive skincare routine and adds value by allowing you to enjoy your favorite Bloom by Gucci fragrance across various products.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the epitome of indulgence with our Luxurious Gift Set. Immerse yourself in the world of prestige skincare, where every product is a testament to the art of self-care. Elevate your routine, captivate your senses, and embrace the enduring allure of Bloom by Gucci. This is not just a gift set; it's an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary.

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My Favorite Gift Set

I love how this line smells. The gift set allows me to try a variety of products and makes the perfect wedding and Christmas gifts. You can use every product from the soap to the lotion and still no be over powered by the smell. Leaves just a hint in the air as you pass by.